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          No. 42 Secondary School held the school-based training in the new semester
          Time:2011-3-14      Read:1263      Translator:Zhang juan


                After Spring Festival, the school started the new semester on February 17, 2011. According to the school common practice, No. 42 Secondary School held the school-based training in the school multi-purpose hall as scheduled in the new semester.   The school invited the Enneagram expert, Mr. Xia Zheng, to give a report to teachers. The theme of his report was: "Enneagram (nine types of personality) and individualized." Mr. Xia Zheng is both a mentor of the Enneagram and an expert in Psychology and Human Resource Management, who is one of hundreds of professional trainers on China Digital TV Guide Channel.   Mr. Xia Zheng analyzed " the origin and development of the Enneagram " and “differences between  personality and character” through specific examples, and talked about teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes.
                 The effect of the training has been outstanding. Students have different character types and different personalities. By identifying the students of different characters and personalities, we can teach them in accordance with their aptitudes so as to meet the different needs of individuals.

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