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          Wish Realizing Activity of the Welfare Lottery Aiding Class Students
          Time:2011-7-11 9:50:19      Read:1203      Translator:Song Zhaoqi

          What are your wishes? People will give kinds of answers. But in our school, the answers from 50 students in the special group are only to visit the Botanical Garden, to visit the TV tower, to visit the newsroom and so on. On the 30th, June, with the help of the newspaper office of Hebei Evening Paper, they made their wishes come true.        
          In the morning, all the boys and girls got ready with sunny faces. On the bus, Ms Pan, assistant officer of the League Committee, and the head teacher, Ms Li, led them to sing many moving and encouraging songs. Then they came to the Botanical Garden, treated by the managers with free visit. They also were allowed to enter its high-level meeting room and have a training course for writing given by a Hebei Evening Paper’s journalist. Later, a guide showed them around the whole garden. They should have laughed a lot as young people are, but poverty had covered it. Today, clouds were finally cleared up. 
          In the afternoon, the bus took them around downtown. The overpasses, urban freeways, the TV tower… everything shows the city’s passion and vitality.
          They also visited the newsroom of the Hebei Evening Paper, trying reading the first issue 3D newspaper. They learnt how to take a lift and even how to take pictures with a digital camera…
          Only one day, they felt that almost everyone around would help them. They got love from all the people, and they decided to be volunteers to help the people who need help.

          Look! How beautiful the water lilies are!

          Reading 3D newspaper.


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