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          Achievements of promotion of Chinese language and culture in the Confucius Classroom at Taesung High School, South Korea
          Time:2011-12-8 10:10:54      Read:1386      Translator:Admin

                On Nov. 24, 2011, Shijiazhuang No.42 Secondary School set up Taesung High School Confucius Classroom in South Korea. This is the first Confucius Classroom in South Korea. Since the establishment of the Confucius Classroom, it has got a high reputation in South Korea. More and more Korean people like to choose this Confucius Classroom to learn Chinese language. The following is the achievements of promotion of Chinese language and culture in Taesung High School Confucius Classroom.

          Chinese language teaching

          1, The regular classes: study abroad classes, oral conversation classes for adults and for children

          2, New HSK exam training: train students for new HSK exam. There are 69 students passing new HSK in 2011.

          3, Set up administration Chinese classes for public officials.
          4, Set up economic and trade Chinese courses for Entrepreneur Association.
          5, Set up CEO high-level Chinese classes for Korean Entrepreneurs Association.
          6, Set up Chinese classes for senior financial expert in Bank of Korea.
          7. In April 2011, set up Chinese conversation classes in child welfares, kindergartens..
          8. In May 2011, set up overview of Chinese culture and survey of China courses.
          9. In May 2011, set up newspaper reading classes.
          10. In June 2011, started Chinese Education Channel at Happy Chinese Radio Stations.
          11. In July 2011, set up Chinese character computer input training courses.

          Cultural experiences 

          1. In January 2011, held "China and South Korea Lantern Festival concert."

          2. In February 2011, special courses for Chinese culture.
          3, In March 2011, Chinese culture spring camp.

          4, In April 2011, held the second new HSK model exam.
          5, In July 2011, held Chinese language quality expand camp.

          6, In September 2011, held Chinese dubbing competition.

          7, In October2011, celebrated China’s National Day sixty-two anniversary.
          8, In November 2011, the third anniversary celebration of Confucius classroom.
          9, In December 2011, Confucius classroom students participated in performance for "Confucius Institute Conference".

          China-ROK Exchange achievements

          1, In April 2011, facilitated to sign a cooperation agreement between Gyeonggi Eastern Chamber of Commerce   in Korea and the Entrepreneur Association of Hebei Province. Both two sides have decided to establish economic and trade counseling centers.
          2, In January 2011, successfully held Chinese culture lectures in 12 high schools in Gyeonggi Province, Korea.
          3, In 2011, organized monthly Chinese exchange mountaineering outdoor activities with entrepreneurs in Korea..
          4, In May 2011, organized Business Seminar.

          5, in August 2011, established "China-ROK economic and trade exchanges center". Ms. Li Yuji was chosen as a consultant adviser.
          After the founding of the Confucius Classroom, Shijiazhuang No. 42 Secondary School has done a lot of support work, and plans to write and edit some Chinese language teaching materials based on local high school students at Confucius Classroom. Our school will send more Chinese volunteer teachers to the Confucius classroom, and will set up a systematic courses of Chinese culture and teaching method training courses. Our school will continue to strengthen links with partner schools to carry out more short-term visit exchanges. Confucius Classroom will become the common platform for both Chinese and foreign exchange. Cultural exchange will also be more open.

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