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          The Sky
          Time:2014-9-9 8:02:17      Read:648      Translator:class20 jounior3 zhangshaozuo

           When I was a child,
            I always raised my head to watch the sky and the shining stars.
            The brilliant stars and the wide sky let me think
          that everything was beautiful.
            I began to imagine
            I was the broad sky
           that can hold evervthing.
            I speculated how to be the wide sky.
            Firstly I thought of my father.
            He bears hardship without complaining.
            He is the sky of my family.
            I asked my father how to be the wide sky,
            he smiled without saying anything.
            He only put a hand on my shoulder
            and let me look at the sky.

            Gradually I grew up with this question,
            from kindergarten to primary school,
            from primary school to high school.
            I have not found the answer to this question,
           although I tried my best.

            I became fiery,
            I became worried.

            One night,
            the sky coverd everything,
            but the stars never stopped shining.
            I was worried sitting in the yard.

          It began to rain heavily.
            The wind was roaring.
            The rain was shouting.
            But the sky tried his best to resist
          to protect the stars.

            Suddenly I knew how to be the sky.
            The true sky can hold everything,
            the true sky can protect others,
            the true sky…

            I think
           my dream of being others’ sky isn’t far from now.
            If I dedicate my heart,
            I will be the wide sky!

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