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          The National Day
          Time:2014-10-15 21:47:50      Read:556      Translator:Junior 2class 19 Geng Yichen
             October 1st is the national day of China. On this day, China is as a new country, and not to hold the thousands of years of history of the old country, received many foreign friends congratulations.
             The British had let Chinese do wake amazing dream, make China highly insulted, but now Britain as Chinese friendly partner, sent sixty-five anniversary of establishment of the new China congratulations, really is the saying---- no eternal enemies.
          Japan is also an old country, it has nearly one thousand years of history,now grown into a powerful country, I feel very happy. He had deeply hurt China.there was a saying---- love to the depths of the natural black ah... Now, Japan is still very strong, and very friendly to China, China is entirely to regard him as a friend, it is gratifying to see that ah.
             Finally, wish our great mother country always keeps young.
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