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          Make new progress by learning Reach a new high by exchanging
          Time:2011-1-11 16:30:31      Read:1342      Translator:Cui Lihua

           July 28 to 31, 2009, the 13th morality education forum for the head teachers was organized by Shijiazhuang No.42 Middle School. Chi Junhua, Tian Hengping and Zhang Huiying, famous experts on education, were invited to give lectures on the theme. Their fresh ideas and deep understanding of morality education are really like a spiritual feast for the head teachers of our school.
          Chi Junhua, a special-grade/classification teacher and principal of Panjin No. 2 Middle School in Liaoning province, gave us a lecture on Thought and Practice on Wei Shusheng’s People-oriented management concept , according to his own experience in the Chinese language teaching improvement and class management. Chi Junhua’s lecture aroused our great attraction just like enjoying a piece of art works and kept all the teachers present spellbound. With the shining stars in the teachers’ eyes and the sincere smile on the teachers’ faces, they appreciated the high quality and standards of his lecture.
          Tian Hengping, PhD, from Wuhan University Research Office of Head Teachers’ Duty, made a lecture entitled Great Success in Class Management Lies in Managing a Class according to the Nature of Students, which made us think deeply. Tian’s lecture was like a magnet, which attracted all the teachers present. Given in a humorous way as well as in high spirits, his lecture was full of various specific examples and brilliance, for which the teachers sang high praise by giving rounds of applause. Tian started his lecture with familiar characters, and then analyzed personalities of people from the perspective of management. In this way he introduced to the teachers new ideas of class management. Professor Tian suggested that in a certain situation a head teacher should pretend to ignore something and should give the students opportunities to develop by themselves just as the saying goes, “He who deals with everything is not a good master.” He attached great importance to motivating the students’ initiative.
          Zhang Huiying, the deputy director of the municipal Institute of Educational Science, made a lecture on “Effective teaching under the new curricular concept”, which deals with the most anxious issue teachers face at present. Based on the teaching features in the education field of our city, Zhang explained how to use new theories of curricular reform to achieve better educational achievements.
          No.42 Middle School organizes a morality education forum for the head teachers in summer vacation every year. It has been 13 years since the first forum. The forum facilitates the development of the school’s high-quality morality education team.
          As Professor Tian put it, “I sincerely hope that we belong to a harmonious and warm team. And I prefer to try my best to work hard for it, for any individual could not be outstanding without the support and help of the team. Only a good team is the cradle of outstanding individuals. Working in a warm and enterprising team, I will devote myself to it. If we were bricks, we should be quality bricks and show the true value of “bricks” no matter where we are needed. As one of ordinary people, I will write an extraordinary chapter with love and sincerity in my simple life and work.

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