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          5 senior students of Grade Two step over the entrance exam of university and are admitted by University of Singapore
          Time:2011-1-12 8:52:08      Read:1363      Translator:He Huanli

              When thousands of the students are anxious about their aspirations, 5 senior students of Grade Two, who are from science class, step over the entrance of university and are admitted successfully by Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore. They all get full scholarship and become the luckiest persons admired by others. Three of them come from our six- year classes----Zhisheng  Ban.
              No. 42 Middle School has this kind of class: students don’t need to take part in the entrance exam of High school and go to study directly in our high school. The 6-year courses will be combined. That’s one of distinguishing features in our school---Zhisheng Ban, for which we design a set of special teaching methods. The students in Zhisheng Ban are active, energetic, gifted and knowledgeable. The Examiners from Singapore on June 23rd, 2010 were impressed deeply by their wonderful interviews.
              No. 42 Middle School is a new century school which focuses on foreign languages, the balance of science and liberal arts and international cooperation. There are 8 to 10 foreign teachers in our school all year round to teach spoken languages, and students can learn pure foreign languages like French and Japanese except English at school easily. At the same time we have TELTS and TOFEL courses. We have established sister schools relationship between several countries, such as: America, France, Japan and etc. We will visit each other every year, which opens up the eyes of the students and strengthens their understanding of the international community. So more and more outstanding students can go abroad from here. Five students, Cheng Jiaxing, Li Xiaowei, Sun Zeya, Lu Meihong and Li Tianze, pass the written exam and interview smoothly. More than 80% students pass the exam successfully, which makes our school in the first place not only in Hebei province but across China.  
               No. 42 Middle School has successfully sent large  outstanding students of junior 3 and senior 2 to Singapore since 1998. All of them have realized their aims and get achievements through their diligent and hard work. At present, some have get phD of Nanyang Technological University, some have learned in Cambridge University and University of Denver.
              We hope all of our students will have a better future.

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